Dr. James Provenzale, MD: Alumnus, Class of 1968
Professor of Radiology, Duke University School of Medicine 

Alumnus and benefactor, Dr. James Provenzale, Professor of Radiology at Duke University School of Medicine, shares his experiences and what he believes are the benefits of a Saint Saviour education.

The word ‘community’ is how I describe SSCA. This extraordinary community of teachers, staff and parents has been a wonderful second home to my three children over the last 11 years. We love Saint Saviour for so many reasons including the small class sizes, incredible teachers and staff and diversity from all parts of Brooklyn. SSCA has prepared my children to thrive in high school and for this, we are very grateful for the educational foundation SSCA has taught them. 

The Hansen Family: 8th Grade

Saint Saviour is like our second home. The staff at the school has shown the ability to effectively navigate through these trying times.  We have been lucky enough to be part of the Saint Saviour community since 2017. We now have all 4 of our children attending. Saint Saviour classes are well sized, with very competent teachers that make the learning environment perfect for young children.

The Zirino Family: 3rd Grade, Kindergarten, Nursery 

We toured a few schools in the area and specifically chose Saint Saviour for the small class sizes and diverse student body.  My son had a very hard time starting pre-k. His teachers were wonderful, caring, and most importantly, very patient and supportive of him transitioning to a school environment. They gave him the attention and positive encouragement he needed to thrive in school. We have been at St. Saviour for 6 years now and his classes have ranged from 12-18 students in each class. He has never been in a class with over 20 kids. He has thrived and been so happy in school. I am really grateful for all the energetic,happy, and positive teachers he’s had through all the grade levels. Every year, my son tells me he really likes his teacher. He has described them as “nice, funny, kind, and really good.

In addition to regular classes, SSCA offers a strong sense of community, with strong, cohesive staff members who know every student, and give them individualized attention. Each student is greeted by their first name by all the staff members. Whenever we had any questions or concerns, I would email the teacher or principal and get a response in a few hours or the next day. My son has severe allergies and his teachers would text me with a list of ingredients before giving him food in class. Every staff member, including the principal, facility manager, and administrative support staff, takes an active role in caring for the students and interacting with them throughout the school year. We love  SCCA, and are so happy to have found a good school and community for our children.

The Pellegrino Family: 4th Grade, Pre-K

Our son and daughter, age 10 and 7, have both been at St. Saviour since nursery school.  We love the dedication and hard work of the teachers and administration.  The children not only receive exceptional academic instruction, but also are fostered in their emotional growth.  The kids love their school and the relationships they have built there, which ultimately, is the best testimonial to the quality of the school.

The Ragolia Family: 5th Grade, 2nd Grade

Saint Saviour has offered us everything we were looking for as we searched for a school for our children – wonderful families, small class sizes, dedicated teachers and a safe environment during the past two years.  Notably they did everything possible to stay open during the pandemic when others remained closed – a huge gift to our family.  We’re forever grateful for all they have done for our children – who notably love everything about the school.  They’re curious, they’re kind, and they’ve made wonderful friends in a diverse and enlightened setting.

The Pike Family: 2nd Grade, Pre-K

Our children have attended Saint Saviour for the middle school years. It is a wonderful school, small and diverse, led by a caring principal who works tirelessly for the good of every student. She has assembled a team of teachers and staff who care deeply for each child. The help and guidance we received during the high school admissions process have also been priceless. It is a real pleasure to be part of this supportive community.

The Rinck Family: 8th Grade

We have been a happy Saint Saviour family since 2016. We love the small classes, the compassionate and fun faculty, the caring staff, the welcoming community, and the excellent after-school enrichment program. It has been such a nurturing and cozy environment for our children during their preschool and elementary school years. SSCA supports the whole child, academically, emotionally, and socially. 

The Thompson Family: 4th Grade, 2nd Grade

From the initial contact and school tour, and through the application process, we knew we were applying to a fantastic middle school program for our child.  Our assumptions could not have been more correct.  The warm, nurturing and academic environment at Saint Saviour has allowed our child to believe that what she thinks and says matter, while making sure she supports her classmates so that they are able to experience the same.  Kudos to the teachers, administration, and students at Saint Saviour for making the school a special place.

The Lee Family: 6th Grade

We visited several catholic schools when we were looking for a school for our son.  We knew Saint Saviour Catholic Academy was the right place for our family from the first time we visited the school.  We felt very welcomed into the school community and that feeling was confirmed by our son after a buddy day with the kindergarten class.  Our son has attended Saint Saviour since first grade and is now in the eighth grade. Saint Saviour has a wonderful spirit of community among the families, administration, faculty and staff. Catholic values permeate all aspects of school life.  Our son has academically excelled, spiritually grown, and socially and athletically thrived.  Saint Saviour has prepared our son to enter the next phase of his life with confidence, an exceptional moral compass, and a top-rate education that will last a life time. We could not have chosen a better place to prepare our son in his formative years. As a family, we have enjoyed being involved with the school through several volunteer opportunities that have helped us stay connected to the school community.  We appreciate the diversity of the student body, the small class sizes, the afterschool and enrichment program, and the dedication of the administration, faculty and staff to nurturing the whole child.

The Veillard Family: 8th Grade